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Elizabeth (Libby) Hall, Location: Holmes Hall

On 2/13, my mom messaged me, “Libby I just read there is a shooting at MSU?" I replied, “I think it was just shots fired. Don’t worry it happens more than you’d think.”

This was collection of texts sent between me and my mother in a family group chat. I’ve had more emails from MSU talking about possible shots fired than I can count.

But then I got another email. Then I started hearing the sirens that never stopped. Then I got sent a police broadcast that was never turned off. Then my friends started running into my room. Then we pushed our dresser against our door. And then we waited until the noises quieted, until the police lights stopped illuminating our room, until the frantic texts from our family and friends calmed down.

"It was just one shooter” they said. “At least it was only 3 kids.” But they were kids. It was a shooter. This is something that never should have happened. But the worst part is it is going to keep happening. No matter how many social media posts we make, or how angry we get, the system is going to repeat itself until we make true change. So for now we share our stories, and we try to heal. We stay together, as a community, and cope until actual change happens. Spartan Stronger.

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