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Julia Seidell, Location: Natural Science Building

On February 13th, 2023, I attended a meeting in the Natural Science Building for my business fraternity. This building is short walk to Berkey Hall and the MSU Union. After the meeting, the students were looking forward to host a bonding event at the MSU Union will enjoying late night food. As we wrapped up the meeting and about to send students to the MSU Union, we received an alert. Suddenly, all I saw was red and none of us honestly knew what to do. Seconds later, all 30-35 of us ran to the basement where we sat in a cramped closet for 4 hours. As we listened to the police scanner, a whole range of emotions hit me. This moment brought me back to an active shooter scare I experienced during high school. That experience and my current one was honestly the scariest events I have experienced. I am so lucky to have such a huge support system especially my business fraternity, friends, and family. I was surrounded by people I have just met but sincerely created a bond that will last a lifetime. I am still proud to be a Spartan and I know we will get through this. Spartan Strong Forever.

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