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Emma Caldwell, Location: MSU Law Library

Today was a terrifying day. I woke up, went to classes, showered, did laundry, and went to the law library to do homework with my roommate. An active shooter alert appeared on our phones and we were really scared. We started by hiding in the bookcases. I called my mom. We listened in on the police broadcast in a study room. That's all we really had for information. Reports came in that the shooter was heading to the building right across from us. We were scared. We joined about 5 other people in a more secure study room with a door. We barricaded the door from the inside with tables and chairs. The lights went out and we became very quiet. We all huddled around the phone that was broadcasting the police radio. We kept hearing reports all over campus, which were later proven false. It made us think there were multiple planned shooters on campus. We breathed a sigh of relief once another building was cleared. Every bump we heard from the other study rooms was scary. We were very paranoid. We planned an attack plan. We waited and did our best investigating on our phones. Finally. We got the clear that the shooter had shot himself. We all were in disbelief and hesitated to come out of the study room. We stayed for as long as we could out of fear. Another study room was liberated and a man started shouting and offering people rides. My roommate and I joined him on a whim. We got into his car along with a couple other people and got dropped off at our dorm. We walked into the lobby, past police officers holding Assault Rifles. We opened the door to our dorm and, still in shock, sat down. It felt weird to be safe again.



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