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Maddie Sheehan, Location: Campbell Hall

I was putting on my shoes to head to the Union to eat when I heard the screaming and saw people running past my window. My windows were open. Living in the basement with my windows right next to the ground, I found myself wandering upstairs in an attempt to figure out what was happening. I called my mom. She told me she loved me, and to find somewhere to hide. I offered water and a bed to those pouring into my dorm building as they sobbed. My floormates across the hall took me in, as I was alone. My friends were texting and calling, asking if I was okay, if I was hurt. My phone on silent, we barricaded the door and hid in the darkness. We hid until almost 1am, listening to the police scanner. We heard the name of our building come up a few times, but we were rattled and couldn't fully hear why. My friends desperately tried to reach me, and I tried to answer as fast as I could. I slept alone in my room after it ended. Fitfully, but I tried. I was violently ill that night. My mother called me in tears, my friends continued to text until they heard from me. I was putting on my shoes around 8pm to head to the Union, but had decided I needed to wrap up what I was doing first. My heart goes out to everyone in the Union, as well as Berkey. I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry. We're in this together.

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