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McAna Craft

The last 11 months have been such a whirlwind to say the least. I think the most notable thing is how everyone has just moved on with their life so quickly, but you still have that little thought in the back of your mind every single day. You're almost begging to make sure no one forgets the tragedy that happened. There are days where you almost forget everything that's happened, but then you hear a loud bang at a restaurant and you're immediately stunned with the craving for survival and just wanting to immediately leave wherever you are. Weeks at a time you'll wake up screaming from the dreams you have, but then you'll feel fine talking about it with the people around you. I think this experience has given me a new perspective watching the news and participating in political conversations/actions because it IS such a personal thing to make a difference so people feel safe in their everyday routines. This doesn't go away just because everyone else forgets about it and posts a memorial post each month. 

It's still very real, even after a year. I hope all spartans continue to take care of themselves and fight for change we all deserve. 

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