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McAna Craft, Location: MSU Union

It's my fourth year with UAB, second as a coordinator. My senior year has been one of the brightest and most rewarding so far. We had just finished up our weekly meeting after my co-worker and I had just won a game of clue. We thought it was thunder at first, even though that fear of gunshots was in the back of our minds. Our fear came true. He was above us. A single staircase separating us.

We turned off the lights, huddled towards the back of the room, and the only thing i could see was frantic texting to everyone's parents. thinking we were saying out last goodbyes.

Eventually the police came, shouting at us to put our hands up. And we just ran. Ran past our office with our stuff. Our own little place to hang out. A place we never thought would be tarnished. The rest of the evening was a blur. Sitting hiding once again in Campbell hall, holding hands of people I was just making jokes with, praying to any and everything I could. Texting "mom please I don't wanna die". A phrase that's burned into my phone. Finally, after 4 hours, they finally let us go. I haven't been able to leave my apartment without the knotting in my stomach.

I don't know why I was lucky enough to escape the physical harm. All i know is the mental pain is something I hope no body ever had to feel again.

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