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Morgan Covert, Location: Owen Hall, Berkey, Off-Campus

Trigger Warning: Mentions blood

I never was one of those people for things to hit hard too. My mother raised me to be unempathetic, and no matter how hard I try to get that back, I can never seem to. Yet, here I am typing this out close to tears for a story I was barely there for. It was 8:35 when I got her call. That’s almost 20 minutes after. 20 minutes she could’ve been shot or taken or really anything. I was watching The Bachelor and doing dishes in Owen when my best friend called me to pick her up and bring towels. I thought she was joking—who would’ve thought she wasn’t. I’ve never run faster in my life to get to my car. When I got there I couldn’t even get through, I had to park my car outside of Berkey and run to the Grand River parking garage where she was hiding. She was covered in blood, and I know I shouldn’t say it but my god was I glad it wasn’t hers. She was the first 911 call. She saved his life. We don’t know all of the details of her friend who was shot, other than he’s still alive and wouldn’t be if she didn’t stay and try and keep him from bleeding out. I’ve never met a stronger woman than her, and I am so proud of her. We left Berkey and didn’t look back, all the way to our other friend’s off-campus apartment. Four hours we were locked in her room, lights off, scanner blaring. I can’t even imagine what my friend must be thinking, feeling. I don’t even know how to process that I was running in the active shooter scene only 20 minutes after it happened. To anyone who lost a close friend, family member, fellow spartan, my heart goes out to you. To all of you. We are Spartan Strong, but we are also Spartan’s together. I’ve never seen a community come together like we have, and it’s something I’ll forever be grateful for. Easy healing friends.

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