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Rio Lyon, Location: Snyder Phillips & Cedar Village Apartments

I still can’t quite wrap my head around what happened on Monday February 13th. I had just finished eating dinner in Snyder Phillips when I heard some students say “shots fired”. I remember checking my email and seeing the “run, hide, fight” email and messaging my friend who lived there if he could get me. I remember a worker telling me and others in the lobby that the dorms would be locked and that we needed to find some place to hide and shelter in-place. I remember my friend coming down to get me and someone I was in a club with. I remember texting my parents that I loved them and listening to the police scanner. I remember hearing they could be in Phillips basement and panicking barricading the door like so many of us did. I remember hearing shouting down the hall and at first thinking it may be a shooter only to realize it’s an officer. I remember leaving the room with our hands up and being escorted outside where we were told to go to Cedar Village. I remember leading about 20-30 staff and students to the leasing office. I remember waiting on an open balcony not knowing what was going on. I remember the fully armed officer checking the river with his gun. I remember being led into the complex and being told to sit down on one of the floors. I remember deciding the top floor is probably safest and siting down. I remember talking about if the residents were still in there rooms, only for two female students to open their apartment to about 20 strangers. I remember hiding in the girls rooms after hearing that the shooter may be in Cedar Village. I remember watching the tv and listening to the police scanner thinking that I am may never see my family again. I remember having no idea what was happening for hours with my friend and strangers in a strangers apartment. It’s safe to say we are no longer strangers. I remember the worst night of my life finally ending after four long hours. Those girls are my heroes and I want them to know that. They helped save strangers lives that night. I am lucky to have survived.

Brian, Alexandria, and Arielle didn’t deserve this. We didn’t deserve this. MSU is never going to be the same. We don’t want your thoughts and prayers. We want you to make change so this never has to happen to anyone again.

#Spartan Strong

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