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Shea Paulis, Location: Off Campus Apartment

The dread that seeped into my bones when I read the “Run, Hide, Fight” email is something i’ll never forget. I called some friends immediately- did you see the message? is this real? what’s going on? where are you now? are you safe? have you heard from__? God I was so scared.

For four. hours. most of my questions went unanswered - no body was safe, people are dead, and the risk is ongoing. For my friends stuck barricaded on campus, I offered to try and pick up. get them out of there - he was still loose, who knows who was next?

Those were my classmates. That was my safe place. My home away from home, the home i’ve had since the beginning of my adult life. Can anyone please tell me, how do I go on? I know it won’t be normal at MSU ever again, but genuinely, how am I supposed to love forward from this?

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